Replication Tool for Internationalization

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Check market suitability for the described business model

The Business Model Replication Tool supports in identifying what EU markets are suitable for your innovative solution and its business model.

Imagine you have a solution that enables formation of an energy community and supports flexibility service provision. You would like to internationalize with it. Where in the EU the regulatory framework is ready? What support schemes are available in France or Greece? Is aggregation legalized in both countries? Can DR and DER participate in balancing markets?

The Business Model Replication Tool will help you to answer these questions and select your priority countries for internationalization.

Step 1: Describe your business model

Describe your business model by dragging and dropping business model patterns from the Business Model Database. Once done, click on Replication Tool to receive the replicability analysis.

Important: keep in mind that the Replication Tool analysis is only possible for business models that use the Energy Pack.

Step 2: Choose the country

Select your Home Country (country you originally developed your business model for), and a Target Country (country you would like to check business model fit for).

Step 3: Receive analysis of business model suitability for the selected country

The analysis will show you what parts of your business model are difficult to replicate in your target country. Green score means that implementation of the element is possible in the selected target country. Orange score suggests that there are certain barriers to implementation. Red score suggests that there are significant barriers to implementation, requiring business model adaptation.

Step 4: Learn the details and check original sources

To receive detailed information on the aspects considered in the analysis, click on More Information. Then, click on the Info icon next to the score to access more details and link to the original source.