Our Business Modelling Features

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Energy Business Model Database

Explore the business model library with more than 100 generic business model patterns, and 62 electricity specific business models. A pattern-based approach to business model innovation helps you to enhance creativity and makes the business model development process easier.

Step-by-Step Guidance

Do you want to build a new energy venture from scratch? Our step-by-step process will help you to take all aspects into account. For this purpose, it will take you through ideation, business modelling, strategizing, planning and pitching. Each step includes instructions and templates that further refine your idea and steer you towards a successful business.

Cash Flow Calculator

It is important that your business model is financially viable. Hence, with the cash flow calculator, you get a cash flow table and a visual representation to identify potential cash needs. To perform the analysis, just add the business model cash inflows (money received) and outflows (money spent) to each business model pattern on the Smart Business Model Canvas.

Knowledge Hub

Want to better understand a specific step in the business model development process? The Knowledge Hub provides short and practical explanations for each step and template.

Smart Bot

Not sure how to use the tools? Ask our Smart Bot, and receive guidance for all the key functionalities provided by the Energy Business Modelling Tool, including the Business Model Replication Tool.